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Since I was a kid, October was my second favorite month (second only to December as December hosts both Christmas and…. MY BIRTHDAY!)—but it was a very close second. It was the spookiness of the month I loved more than anything. The anticipation of Halloween, and sure, the candy was a bonus, but it was the idea that this part of the year had something otherworldly about it, something paranormal.

As I got older, that fear disappeared, and with it, the excitement of Halloween lost much of its edge. It’s an interesting time for me right now, in that my oldest child (5 years old) is just starting to understand that there’s something spooky about Halloween. I am torn between the fatherly need to reassure him there’s no such thing as monsters and the memory of my youth where I so enjoyed being afraid there really were ghosts and witches that came out around Halloween. For now, I’ll lean towards the former but reserve the right to change my mind in years to come 🙂

I am sure it wasn’t my parents who spurred my belief in all that went bump in the night. They likely did as I do with my kids, and reassure them monsters aren’t real. My four older brothers, on the other hand, likely had a lot to do with my fears. They were quick to remind me that monsters lived under my bed and in the closet and in the darkest corners of the basements. Those creaks I heard at night? Those had nothing to do with a house settling, and were, in fact, spirits wandering the halls looking, specifically, for me.

Like most writers, I never have a shortage of ideas for future books. I probably have 100 spooky book ideas in my “Notes for future books” folder on my computer. The problem is time. Writing a lot of books is tough to do when you’re not writing full time (i.e. splitting writing time with day-job time), but once I have my REVENGER series out, the 4th –and last– book in my DEAN CURSE series out, and book #2 in the CAMBRIDGE FILES released, I’m going to get one of those spooky books written. With a little luck, It’ll happen in 2017.

So what about you guys? Do you have a favorite month? Does October hold any special place in your heart? Or do you hate October and everything it stands for?


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