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Hi Everyone!

It has been far too long since I sat down and sent an update. First, much love to everyone who sent messages of congratulations when my daughter was born a few months ago. She’s doing brilliantly, and the love and attention she gets from her siblings is so fun to watch.  Wrestling with four kids has its challenges but I’m loving it.

“Alright, Steve,” I hear you say, “enough of the kid stuff. What’s the exciting news!?”

*why is it my internal dialog is so impatient?*

So, the exciting news is this: Some time ago I joined up with a group of authors to collaborate on pretty amazing project. Basically, a bunch of us got together and decided we’d each write a new book and make it exclusively available as part of a boxed set. TWENTY-TWO full-length novels, sold as a single product, and priced at just $0.99.

My contribution to the set is an urban fantasy titled SHADES OF FATE. It’s an YA/adult crossover novel and I really stepped outside my comfort zone on it, and I’m really pleased with how it came together. Here’s a glimpse at the cover of my book:

Here’s the blurb for the entire set:

Mysterious strangers. Hidden abilities. Inescapable darkness…

Join our courageous heroines and heroes as they battle demons, governments, and secret organizations in worlds where fae, vampires, angels, witches, humans, and more fight for survival.

Cursed Lands will lead you through one doomed world after another in this haunting dystopian, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance boxed set. Inside, you’ll find 22 exclusive, page-turning tales from today’s bestselling and award-winning authors.

Do you dare venture into Cursed Lands, where magic, danger, and romance lurk between the shadows and the light?

One-click today to indulge in over 100 hours of bewitching young adult and new adult reads in this epic limited time collection.

Awesome, right?

If any of you guys are interested in scoring a great set of books while at the same time supporting me and the authors I’ve collaborated with in achieving our goal, please grab a copy while it’s available for pre-order. Right now it’s just iBOOKS, KOBO, and NOOK, but AMAZON is coming soon. So, if kindle is your Jam, stay tuned 🙂


This is the universal link where you can find links to each vender currently selling the book: www.books2read.com/CursedLands
I’ll be talking about this set over the next few months so I hope you’ll indulge me. And if you’re able, please consider sharing news of this boxed set on your social media platforms.

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