Super brief update… more to follow

Wow – talk about a neglected website. I think it’s time for an update.

Despite the fact I haven’t released any new books in a year, I have been writing quite a lot. The second book in THE CAMBRIDGE FILES is actually very much in progress and I’m happy with how it’s coming together. I also have a number of other projects on the go that I will discuss in the future, and that I’m quite excited about.

Also, my wife and I did welcome our newest addition to the family last month. Our fourth child, and second daughter, so now we have two of each and we couldn’t be happier. Luckily I have a long-held belief that SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK, so I have no complaints about the current level of deprivation I’m experiencing. And our other three kiddos couldn’t be more excited about her.

My goal is to have a proper update in the next few weeks so do check back or follow on facebook.


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