The 6th Grade Revengers – New Series for 9-12 year olds (and everyone else too!)

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Today, since I’m well into the release schedule of my 6th Grade Revengers series, I thought I’d talk a bit about the journey to where I am with that series. And the struggle that goes along with marketing adventure and action books for the 9-12-year-old reader (and their parents/family/teachers since that is who really makes the decision about purchasing).

Blog posts without pictures = bad. So I thought it might be cool to share the progression of cover art for the series since those images actually do a good job speaking to the process.

In 2014 I was kicking around the idea with my sister. I wanted to come up with a series of shorter books that could follow two kids who seemed to do good despite their best efforts not to. The idea took shape and I started writing.

Originally, I called it The 6th GRADE ASSASSINS and book 1 in my series was the story that has become book 2 in the current series.



My agent and I kicked the idea around a bit, and decided “Assassins” as a title for kids who didn’t actually kill anyone, didn’t feel right (making them actual assassins, also, didn’t feel right– haha).6th Grade Revengers became the name, which was a title I’d loved just a bit less than “assassin.” So it went out on submission and, despite good feedback, wasn’t picked up.

I made a decision I’d put the titles out myself. I’d done a lot of work writing them, and I wasn’t keen on going with a smaller publisher (as my experience with small presses hasn’t been awesome). After some more feedback, and showing people the mockup of the cover above, there was a lot of people who thought an illustrated cover would be more easily marketed to the 9-12 audience.

I wanted to get an idea regarding what an illustrated cover would feel like, I gave that a try also.

typography1    typography2











I actually loved the illustrated artwork, but getting an appropriate title treatment was a nightmare (I really don’t like either of the options above.  Furthermore, since I was going to put these books out on my own, I was the one who’d have to conceptualize the cover and give direction to the illustrator. It took quite a lot of time and effort to get the scene depicted above, and I wasn’t convinced I’d picked the correct one. Illustrated covers aren’t cheap, and getting it wrong wasn’t appealing to me, so I went back with the other design, tweaked somewhat.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00034]

And there you have it. The birth of THE REVENGERS.

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