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This will be a short post—a post to hopefully peek your interest in something I’ve been thinking about, and that is something near and dear to me: stories.

I write books, so it goes without saying that I’m a fan of stories. And, like many authors and many readers, I’m quite familiar with The Hero’s Journey. Now, there’s this misconception that the Hero’s Journey is a method of writing a story. It is possible, of course, to plot out a story keeping conscious to hit the points on a hero’s journey, but at the core, the journey is actually a breakdown of what most of the really powerful stories we encounter have in common. And, actually, it goes even deeper by detailing the actual lives and personalities of the people we admire.


My favorite part of the story is when the hero has to battle the dragon. The dragon can be    a   monster    of any variety (literal, figurative, external or internal) but it’s the battle that I most look forward to encountering when I read and when i write (The initial Call to Adventure comes a very close second though 🙂 ).


Go ahead, follow the points on the info-graphic below and think about the people you admire or the stories you love. Do they follow the journey? What about your own life? You are the hero in your own story, after all. Have you answered the call the adventure yet? Have you battled the dragon?

I hope you have answered the call, and when the battle comes, I hope you prevail!



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