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June Update

  doing some website maintenance – please stand by 🙂

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Super brief update… more to follow

Wow – talk about a neglected website. I think it’s time for an update. Despite the fact I haven’t released any new books in a year, I have been writing quite a lot. The second book in THE CAMBRIDGE FILES

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I’m giving away 4 books! Come and get ’em!

Hi, everyone. This is just a quick post today. I just wanted to let people know I’ve launched a giveaway for print copies of my 6th Grade Revenger books. This is just a quick post today. I know a great

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The 6th Grade Revengers – New Series for 9-12 year olds (and everyone else too!)

Welcome to my new site. Isn’t it shiny? To be honest, it’s still a work in progress. There are a lot of components of the website I am still trying to tweak. Perhaps the most important part is the mailing

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Writing update & round 2 of why I don’t do my own covers

Yes, I know, I know, I was doing so well blogging semi-regularly, and then… nothing. But that is how things go when I’m working hard on a project. I tend to let my writing gobble up every spare moment I

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Printed books are the best! Also…. UNICORNS!

PAPER BOOKS ARE THE BEST!!!1!One! I’ve heard the ebooks vs. printed books debate a hundred times—many of those times things get heated. I am an ardent believer that people should read what and how they want. Like to read on

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Bookstores will survive! or do I mean, will bookstores survive?

I live in a city of bookstores. It seem there’s always one just around the corner or on the next block. It’s wonderful for someone like me who tends to enjoy bookstores the way others enjoy gardens. What’s interesting, is

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I took this challenge hoping I’d really hit all 30 days, but clearly I’ve missed a couple :/ so I’m revising the challenge and calling it BLOG AS MUCH AS YOU CAN IN 30 DAYS! Okay, that’s not technically too

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Boys vs. girls… the battle for the books

The other day I was asked by a parent what book I’d recommend for their 9 year old son. They wanted me to give them some tips for ‘boy-books’ that they thought he’d like My initial thought was that they

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stop ruining my kids wtih your books!1!!one!!!

Didn’t think I’d make it today, did you? tsk tsk… So I was asked a question the other day and it’s one I’ve been asked before. It’s going to be the topic for today’s post. The question was: Do you

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